Bruntal Castle Park

Bruntal Castle has an unusual circle shape with Renaissance arcades at the courtyard and a clock tower. His current shape results from five centuries of historical and architectural development. The exhibition consists of the chapel and halls, decorated by rare Rococo frescoes. They are equipped with historical furniture from 18th up to the early 20th century. Castle gallery also offers very attractive exhibition of artworks from Dutch, German, Italian and Flanders masters from 16th up to 18th century preserved from the collections of German Knighthood.

The original castle park has been established during the 16th century. Adjustments of the park were led in the 17th century by German Knighthood as well as in 1894 by E. Habsburg. Baroque style is preserved in the frontage of the castle, the rest of the garden is in the form of natural park. The front part of the castle park is decorated by the circle from sandstone sculptures created by unknown artists during the adjustments in 1894. The part of Romantic adjustments of the park is Salla Terrena – a brick building with balustrade, terraces and a pavilion.